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Digital Truck & Industrial Counting Scales

So many scales – how do I choose the right one?

Many people see a scale that has the size, capacity and resolution that roughly fits what they are looking for and then they shop for the cheapest price. This method sometimes works for home use but when businesses try this method, they often begin a journey that is paved with disappointment.

AAA Weigh Inc. has been helping folks get involved in high quality and affordable scales and systems for over three decades. We can help you find the right scale at the right price. Let us put our experience to work for you. Learn More ....

Why should I own a premium scale when they cost more? Won’t the cheapest scale do the job?

The cheapest scale might be the right scale for you if it is not important if the scale is telling you the true weight. When I step on a bathroom scale, if it reads a few pounds light, it makes me happy; if I am weighing an expensive ingredient in a formula and it reads lighter that the true weight, it makes me broke and if I sell a product weighed on a scale that reads heavier than it is, I can get fined or worse.

Good scales are made from good materials. They are made with strong designs and they are made to be versatile and accurate. Good materials are not cheap. Good designs require better materials and more manufacturing which is not cheap. Accurate scales require high quality load elements and well designed electronics. None of this can be made cheaply and still give acceptable accuracy and service. If your business stops when your scale does, how reliable do you want your scale to be? Sometimes the cheapest scale is also the

AAA Weigh Custom Fabrication
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most expensive scale. Choose wisely – We can help!

Why should I choose AAA Weigh and not those other guys?

  • AAA Weigh Inc. has many brands to choose from and a large inventory to get you going fast
    You will find resources on this webpage to help you understand what makes a scale work and what makes a scale accurate and durable.Best of all, you can call us and we can help you find the right product. AAA Weigh has a knowledgeable technical staff ready to help you.
  • AAA Weigh is an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 & ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 Laboratory (AC-1422)
  • Our process of calibration has been reviewed by ACLASS and our test weights, documentation and testing processes are proven and traceable.
  • Our quality is a tested fact and not just a nice idea.
  • We calibrate test weights that other scale companies use!
  • AAA Weigh does custom fabrication, scale programming and advanced integrations
  • Our knowledge and experience will become your resource in choosing a satisfying solution.
  • Our staff will ensure you receive the right products
  • Our service will keep those products working

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