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  • In the world of counting scales and weighing systems, Setra has been setting the standard for high quality and performance since 1982. Many businesses across a wide range of industries rely on Setra counting scales to improve their parts counting processes every single day by making them faster and more accurate.

    • Superior scale sensitivity and internal resolution for improved count accuracy.
    • Supervisor controls to improve consistency and reduce inadequate samples for parts counting
    • Optional bar code capabilities to improve productivity
    • Rugged and simplistic design
    • Cutting-edge variable capacitance patented technology
    • Best price to performance customer solutions for various weighing needs

    Choose Setra Counting Scales To Take Your Organization to the Next Level

    setra counting scalesThe proprietary variable capacitance weighing technology of Setra allows you to save significant time by working with smaller samples. Setra counting scales also cut down hand-counting errors made by humans, which will lead to enhanced quality and parts counting accuracy.

    Setra has a plethora of counting scales for every need, regardless of which industry you work in. All of their counting scales come with a user-friendly keyboard that will easily help you choose the right sample to speed up your productivity.

    The Setra Easy Count and Setra Quick Count counting scales are the simplest way to get counting as quickly as possible. They are geared for simpler counting and weighing applications where the highest level of accuracy is a must.

    The Setra Super Count and Super II scales have all the accuracy with a numeric keypad where even higher samples are required. This allows you to key in any sample you choose. Both Super Count and Super II counting scales also have the ability to print multiple label formats, allowing for a more diverse range of printing applications.

    Setra scales can also be setup with computers to transfer data or to barcode printers and scanners to further speed up the parts counting process, keeping you highest level of accuracy, while speeding up order picks and inventories by eliminating the sampling process after receiving.

    And the best part is, Setra counting scales pay themselves off quickly with proven, calculated return on investment based on the number of order picks daily coupled with labor costs that will definitely be reduced with faster, more accurate parts counting.

    Features and Benefits of Setra Counting Scales

    Setra makes some of the best counting scales in the market – all at affordable prices. The Setra Quick Count, Easy Count 2 button and Easy Count 6 button simple key design elements allow you to master scale operation in minutes, increasing productivity and reducing training time. Setra Super II and Super Count scales have a full keyboard for more selectable sample sizes, making them equally as easy to use

    The Setra counting scales can work with sample weights much smaller than those required by other scales in the market – all thanks to an internal resolution of one part in 500,000. These samples make hand-counting mistakes less likely to occur, and reduce sampling time. This means you’ll be able to make processing faster and more efficient, not to mention much more accurate inventory auditing.

    Setra counting scales highly reliable and regularly last more than 15 or 20 years in service.

    Choose Setra Counting Scales For Accurate and Affordable Weigh

    Looking for the most optimal weighing scales for your business needs? Get in touch with us today and our experts will do all the legwork for you. At AAA Weigh, we are committed to offering the most efficient and affordable weighing solutions to businesses.

    If you’re interested in buying Setra counting scales to improve your operations, and have any questions, you can order online here or call us today. You can talk to us at 800-394-6622 or contact us online with any questions or to discuss more advanced applications and our Setra counting scale representatives will get back to you shortly.

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