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  • If you have goods that are oversized or awkwardly shaped and need accurate weighing, industrial floor scales are the right choice for you. These scales are designed to represent any type of weighing equipment that is operated on floor level. Pallet scales, pallet beams, and platform scales are the most commonly used floor scales. 

    What are Floor Scales? 

    It is typically a weighing scale that comes with a flat base for placing items on to be weighed. As evinced by the name, they are meant to be placed on the floor. From parcels and crates to boxes, you can use industrial scales for every general weighing task. The fact that they come with a separate weight display makes them even more preferable. 

    What differs in a variety of floor scales are their sizes, capacities, and graduations. You must check out the options available for each scale and compare this to the maximum weight you’ll most likely be putting on the scale. This will ensure that you choose the right one. You can even choose the graduations to make sure you are getting the exact readings you need. 

    If you are thinking of using the scales in wet or humid environments, you must choose the stainless steel ones with an IP rating. These can cope well with such an environment. And, you can purchase floor scales with data recording or sending capabilities, a printer, or a relay board for more demanding weighing tasks. 

    Benefits of Industrial Floor Scales 

    From factories to warehouses, floor scales have found their applications in an extensive range of fields. Being versatile and adaptable, they can work in almost any industrial environment. The floor scales have a myriad of benefits. 

    •  Easy, Efficient & Accurate Measurements 

    Measuring loads has become super easy with floor scales. They allow the users to set them into the platform and pick them back up when they’ve been weighed. 

    These scales are proven to provide accurate measurements and you can blindly trust the numbers they show. You won’t have to waste any time re-weighing the same loads. 

    • Enhanced Productivity 

    Once you invest in platform scales, you can rest assured about the speed of your load measurements. This enables you to run your business more efficiently and effectively. 

    If you are looking for a way to enhance your employees’ productivity, there is nothing better than investing in commercial floor scales. 

    • Reduced Chances of Overloading 

    There are numerous drawbacks of excess load weight including increased stopping distance, decreased brake performance, and enhanced chances of mechanical failure. All these factors make overloaded trucks more likely to cause a bridge to collapse or get into an accident. 

    • Reduced Shipment Errors 

    Errors in shipment and other aspects are an inevitable part of running any business. However, floor scales can help you avoid them to a great extent. If you weigh the load before it leaves a location and when it reaches the destination, you can ensure easily that nothing was lost. 

    Now, that we are aware of what industrial scales are, let us delve into knowing the industries they are used in.

    Industries that Benefit from Floor Scales

    There is an extensive range of industries that are known to benefit from. Their versatile features and functions make them useful in a variety of industries. 

    Food Industry 

    In most of the food industries, powders, liquids, and solids are blended together for making food recipes. The workers in such industries determine the amount of material in any container by weighing it on a platform scale. 

    Measuring the required ingredients and the food items has become a whole lot easier with the advent of floor scales. 

    Retail & Commercial 

    These measuring scales have become quite popular in the retail & commercial industry because of their high weighing capacities. The best thing about these scales is that they offer check weighing and parts counting functions. This is what makes them a very essential tool in commercial industries. 

    Commercial industries generally use these scales to maintain accurate records of the stock available in the warehouses. This process ensures that a standardized product is properly packed and distributed without any discrepancy. 

    Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities 

    The scales have found their extensive use in hospitals and the healthcare industry. They are used to measure and monitor the weight of patients and animals. Healthcare professionals even use it for weighing medical waste prior to disposal. 


    You guessed it right, the airline industry uses commercial floor scales for the weighing of luggage. When airplane safety is concerned, it is important to ensure that the weight of the cargo does not exceed the permissible limits. 

    That is when floor scales come into use. They are proven to deliver accurate and reliable readings. This ensures that the entire process is quick and convenient. 

    Veterinary & Agriculture 

    There is no option better than floor scales for weighing livestock. As they have a low profile, these scales make it easy to lead the animals onto their platform. They come with inclined ends or ramps for making it convenient for the animals to go on the scales. 

    As the well-being of the animals is indicated by their weight, it becomes essential for veterinarians and farmers to accurately record it. This also enables them to calculate the dosage of nutritional supplements the animals require on a daily basis. 

    Waste & Recycling Industry 

    This is one of the most significant industries to be using commercial floor scales. Businesses that pick up residential and commercial waste typically use these scales for weighing the garbage before disposal. 

    These scales can also be used by recycling plants to maintain accurate records of how much waste they pick up and recycle day in and day out. 

    Wrapping it up 

    We have established that floor scales can be extensively used in a variety of industries. If you are also planning to invest in floor scales for your business, you must not think twice. All you need to do is check whether the scales can easily accommodate the capacity of items you are intending to weigh. 
    AAA Weigh is one of the most reputable suppliers of axle pads and weighbridges. We are your one-stop scale shop for test weighs, scales, balances, and all related products. If you have any queries regarding portable scales, you can always get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to help.

  • There is no investment better than a portable truck scale as it provides at least 25 years of reliable service. Proper maintenance including regular calibration, inspections, and regular cleaning will surely extend the life of your truck scale. 

    From farming and transportation to shipping and construction, a portable truck scale plays a crucial role in every industrial operation. If you want your business to stay compliant and safe, investing in a truck scale is your safest bet. 

    How do Portable Truck Scales Work? 

    The low profile of the portable truck scales allows trucks to be driven over them. They are extensively used in industrial operations as they can precisely calculate the weight of each load. A load cell, which is inside each portable truck scale, is the component that collects weight data and transmits it to an external terminal or display. 

    This load cell is then in turn protected inside the sturdy casing of the scale. This case ensures the long-lasting operation of the scale. In most models of the scales, the ramps are placed on both sides of the surface. This tends to facilitate easy entry and exit of trucks. 

    The thing to be noted is that with portable truck scales, each axle must be weighed individually. For calculating the net weight of the truckload, all you need to do is add the measurements of all the axles, and then subtract the weight of the empty vehicle. 

    Types of Portable Scales 

    Portable truck scales are available in several different lengths. The scales can be classified into two categories; portable axle scales and portable wheel weighers. Both these truck scales share almost the same features. 

    However, if you are looking for simple weighing solutions that utilize resilience in harsh conditions and a low-profile design, wheel weighers will undoubtedly suit you better. They run on battery power and are super-easy to operate and deploy. 

    Benefits of Portable Truck Scales 

    Apart from recording accurate weight data, portable truck scales have a plethora of other benefits. They are easy to assemble and their easy operations ensure that you don’t need special training to use them. They are durable and resilient to harsh conditions. Their reliable and efficient overload protection system makes them worth investing in. They are known to take minimum storage space. They allow the truckers to operate their vehicles at the speed of 3mph and still take measurements accurately.  

    Billing & Inventory 

    Truck scales let you weigh and document your inbound and outbound freight. Your billing procedures are sure to get a lot more streamlined than before. There are reduced chances of overcharging or undercharging your customers. 

    Once you get precise vehicle weight information, it will be much easier for you to manage your inventory more efficiently. 

    Legal Compliance 

    You must be aware of the accurate weight measurement of each truck in your warehouse. This is important for legal reasons. You will have to face the consequences if you exceed the legal weight limit. 

    Axle pads will ensure that your trucks aren’t overweight. Truck scales will help you save your time and expense of dealing with penalties or court appearances. 


    Traditional truck scales cannot give you more flexibility than portable truck scales. You can move them at your convenience. This gives you the ability to adapt quickly when your business grows or slows down. If you have a short-term lease and plan to move, you can take your truck scale with you. 

    Now, let’s delve into talking about technological advancements in portable truck scales

    Technological Advancements in Portable Truck Scales 

    In numerous industries, across the globe, portable truck scales are a sought-after solution. Over the recent years, there have been various technological developments that enhanced their efficiency and accuracy.

    Ever-Evolving Design Options 

    The unique design of every scale allows the users to integrate them into their weighing processes. While wheel weighers will help in calculating and managing the load weights with enhanced efficiency, axle scales allow you to weigh inputs in harsh and rugged environments. 

    Enhanced Versatility 

    You can be more versatile in your operations with portable truck scales. Before the invention of these scales, a standard scale took more space and was heavyweight. Even though these scales don’t take up much space and are lightweight, they are robust enough to measure an entire truck load weighing numerous tons. 

    Use of Stronger Components 

    The modern weighing system comes with strong components nowadays. Long gone are the days when portable truck scales were built poorly. Today, various types of metals are used to design them, like aluminum and stainless steel. 

    These scales have the ability to withstand harsh elements. They don’t get damaged easily and can help you reduce repair and replacement costs. 

    Improved Accuracy 

    Due to advancements in technology and engineering, constant efforts and upgrades are being made in the portable truck scales. Nowadays, these scales can offer accurate measurements for vehicles with up to eight wheels. 

    When it comes to scales made of aluminum, it is much easier to transport them due to the lightweight nature of the metal. But, you still cannot question its durability and resilience. 

    In-Motion Weighing Capabilities 

    In the recent designs of the scales, the technology of in-motion weighing helps in accurately capturing data even when the truck is on the move. Using a dynamic measurement system, this truck scale enables you to wirelessly transmit the data to the cloud. It is much more accurate than static truck weigh scales.  

    Getting Started with Portable Truck Scales 

    There is no denying the fact that when you use portable truck scales, you can better manage your warehouse. Not only do your logistics become more efficient, but the productivity of your employees also gets enhanced as well. You need a portable truck scale specialist if you want to benefit from modern scale technology. 
    AAA Weigh is one of the most reputable suppliers of axle pads and weighbridges. We are your one-stop scale shop for test weighs, scales, balances, and all related products. If you have any queries regarding portable scales, you can always get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to help.

  • Thousands of freight companies across the globe use pallet trucks in most of their operations, including moving freight or cargo from one place to another. They not only aid in the convenience but ensure employees' safety as well. 

    Weighing the goods before they are loaded is one of the most significant steps in industrial operations. That is where pallet truck scales come into profound use. They have the ability to move and weigh pallets simultaneously. 

    The main application of these scales is in manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, warehouses, construction industries, and shipping and receiving facilities. 

    If you are working in logistics, you must be aware of the importance of a pallet truck scale more than anyone else. It has evidently alleviated the concern of weighing and transporting heavyweight materials in a warehouse or an industry.

    Benefits of Using Pallet Truck Scales

    The freight companies that enjoy productivity, efficiency, and highly-accurate operations favour these scales to a great extent.

    Enhancing Safety & Accuracy 

    Safety, accuracy, and controlled cost are some of the reasons why industry owners prefer pallet scales over other options. As every vehicle has a maximum weight capacity it can transport, it becomes crucial for the freight companies to know precisely how much weight each vehicle carries at one time. 

    Fulfilling Legal Requisites 

    As far as the legalities are concerned, the employees must ensure that the vehicles are not overloaded. Ensuring the safety of their drivers also falls on the employer’s shoulders. There is no way better to do this than by using a highly accurate pallet truck scale. This will allow employees to move the goods and weigh them at the same time.

    Making the Invoice Process Easier

    The fact that pallet truck scales allow workers to carry out two tasks in one is a direct indication of the enhanced productivity and speed of operation. Most freight companies typically invoice their customers based on the number of goods transported and their respective weights. 

    If the weight is not calculated accurately, errors in invoicing are inevitable. This could ultimately lead to client complaints. Investing in a pallet truck scale can help freight companies take out the chance of these errors. 

    Preventing Overload 

    With these scales, you can never go wrong with the loading capacity as the weight is always recorded and displayed on the digital screen every time you load the goods. 

    Improving Overall Safety 

    The truck scales tend to protect employees and reduce the risks and damages associated with the load. Loading and unloading heavy goods require you to be extremely cautious and that is when the use of these scales is imperative.

    What are the Applications of the Pallet Truck Scales?

    Be it monitoring your logistics or moving items around your warehouse, there is nothing a pallet truck scale cannot do. They can be used in an extensive range of applications. Before you delve into the purchase, the most significant thing to consider is the weighing task you’d like to undertake. 

    From warehouses, factories, and logistics to food manufacturing, these scales can be used for almost all industries.

    Pointers to be Considered While Purchasing Pallet Truck Scales

    There are a plethora of factors to be considered before you dive straight into the purchase. 

    Where do you Plan to Use the Scale? 

    Your choice of pallet truck scale highly depends on where it is going to be used and what elements it is going to be exposed to. There are different pallet truck scales ideal for use in dry and damp areas. The ones used in dry areas are typically constructed of mild steel and should never be exposed to any elements. 

    And, the ones designed for damp and humid areas are completely made of stainless steel. The waterproofing rating makes these scales perfect for demanding environments. 

    Should the Device be Trade Approved? 

    If you are purchasing or selling goods by weight, you must always go for a trade-approved weighing scale in order to comply with regulations. You can use the accredited scale to accurately monitor shipments with a certified weight.

    What is your Chosen Lifting Weight 

    This is one of the most significant things to consider before purchasing the pallet truck scale. Determining what is the maximum weight you are likely to be lifting is a crucial step in purchasing a pallet truck scale. 

    If you feel you may exceed the load restricted by typical scales, you can even create a bespoke solution with an increased capacity.   

    Dimensions of the Forks on the Pallet Truck Scale 

    You should thoroughly check the dimensions before committing to purchasing a scale. This allows you to check whether they are fit for your purpose. You can also get the bespoke devices created with alternative fork lengths and widths. 

    Do you need a Printed Record of the Measurement? 

    If you want a permanent record of the weight reading, there is nothing better than pallet truck scales with a printer. They allow you to print and create a hard copy with just the touch of a button.

    The Bottom Line

    Searching for the right pallet truck scale is no longer a tough nut to crack with these handy pointers. If you are looking for premium quality, certification competitive, and affordably-priced pallet truck scales, look no further. AAA Weigh is your one-stop scale shop. 
    If you have any queries regarding our products, get in touch with us.

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