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“ AAA Weigh has so many scales. I have never seen that many scales in 1 place. I went in needing a floor scale for 5000 pounds and a milligram balance and they had them both in stock. They calibrated my new scales right there, loaded me up and sent me back ready to weigh. I added calibration certs and Mark made them for me right on the spot and they were in my email when I got back to my place. ”

Jason Williams, California

“ We were very impressed with the rental scale service at AAA Weigh. They really know what they are talking about, their prices are better, the delivery was on time, and most importantly the scales all worked great. Our inventory went smooth and everyone was happy. That's a great thing. ”

Ashley Reynolds, California

“ AAA Weigh now does all of our scale repairs and calibrations. I had another scale company mess around with my truck scale for a whole day AAA Weigh fixed it in 2 hours!! ”

Arthur Garcia, California

“ AAA Weigh made it very easy for us to get our new scale. They helped make sure our tickets are counted accurately and quickly. The scale is very easy to use. Highly recommended. ”

Martha H., California